VWFNDR — KEIRIN is a conceptual camera exploration by an open collective of camera fanatics. The core team consists of Álvaro Arregui Falcón, Mireia Gordi i Vila & Lucas Seidenfaden. In April 2024 there was a showcase of the KEIRIN camera at CONTRAST gallery in Tokyo. Alongside the physical showcase, a digital one was built.


Taking on the role of the 3D Web Developer in this project, I prepped the camera geometry in blender to be optimized for for the web. Created suitable textures, good lighting for light and dark mode, and brought the KEIRIN camera to life in the browser.


Thank you to the whole team for having me on the project and congratulations on your lovely work. I can't wait to see what's next.

Photos from the Tokyo showcase are taken by Alex Abian

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VWFNDR camera a project by Nuevo.Tokyo & + 2023/24©

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